Starter SQL Challenges 2


Continuing with our SQL projects linked with Code Wars, we will work on a few different ways to processed the data being returned by the queries. Try solving the questions by heart before using Google and Chat GPT. Although these are useful tools in day to day development, relying exclusively on them will prevent you succeeding in situations where you can't use them, such as coding interviews.


If this is your first contact with SQL, Free Code Camp's tutorial is an excellent resource. It's 5 years old but that's not an issue. Most core SQL features haven't changed a lot since they have been created. If you already know some SQL, is a slim, to-the-point resource for learning commands you're not familiar with.

Linking your Codewars user name with the C# Academy.

In The C# Academy's Dashboard, you'll see a button where you can insert your Codewars user name. Your input has to match Code War's username exactly, including case sensitivity, or we won't be able to track your results.

Once you have completed a challenge, refresh this page and you'll be able to see your progress so far at the bottom of the page. Once all challenges are finished, the project will be marked as completed automatically.

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