Deploy a full-stack .NET + JS Framework app


Although this is The C# Academy and we love working within the .NET ecossystem, we can't ignore that that the world of front-end is dominated by Javascript frameworks, especially React and Angular. Newer contenders such as Vue and Svelte are options to the two giants although there isn't much hype around them.

Your job in this project will be to deploy a CRUD app to azure using a .NET Web API and a front-end framework of your choice. It can be React, Angular, but if you prefer working with other technologies, it's totally up to you. If you've been working your away through our projects, and have completed a JS framework section, you already have a project ready to go.

So let's get into it!


  • You'll have to deploy a full-stack app to Azure
  • You'll have to create an SQL server in azure
  • You'll have to create two app services: one for the Web API and one for the front-end app
  • Your app needs to have all 4 CRUD functionalities
  • Your app needs to have Authentication and Authorization. Non-authorized users should have Read permissions, but only authorized users should have Write Permissions.



  • You'll need to add CORS rules both on Azure and on the Web API
  • App services and SQL server are paid services on Azure. If you don't have an Azure Free Trial Subscription, let us know on Discord so we can prioritize your project review. In the best case scenario we will review your project quickly and you can delete all services and not pay a dime. If for whatever reason this process takes more than a few days you might need to pay a few cents (worst case scenario).
  • When setting up your SQL Server, choose the lowest possible database configuration to decrease the risks of getting charged. If you forget to delete the services and get charged you can still e-mail Azure and they'll waiver your debts (only once).
  • Do not, under any circumstances, deploy an app with SQL server without authorization & authentication. Bots will find your app pretty quickly and bombard it with requests, which might get you a massive bill. You'll still have it waivered, but it's a big scare (happened to me: I had a 500USD bill waivered).


  • Use Azure Key Vault and Azure Secrets to get User's Credentials
  • DevOps: Set up a CI/CD pipeline in Azure using Docker/Kubernetes
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