Coffee Tracker


Now that you’re familiar with Angular, let’s combine it with .NET! And what a powerful combination that is. The limit of what you can build using these two is only the limit of your imagination. We will be creating two separate applications: An Angular front-end and a C# Web Api. The front-end will call the api, similarly to what you’ve done before in our Shifts Logger project.


  • This is an application where you should record your consumption of coffee.
  • You can choose something else to track, in case you're not a coffee person.
  • You should create two projects: A.NET WebApi and an Angular app.
  • You can choose whatever database solution you want: Sqlite, SQL server or whatever you're comfortable with.
  • You can choose whatever ORM you want: Dapper, EF, ADO.NET.
  • You should have a filter functionality, so I can select records per date.
  • Your database should have a single 'Records' table.The objective is to focus on Angular, so we should avoid the complexities of relational data.
  • You CANNOT use Angular Material.


Since this is your first full-stack Angular project, make sure you look up everything you don’t know. Try not to let any keyword, method or concept left-behind. This is the moment to build your foundation. And don’t forget to reach out on our Discord community if you have questions!


  • Your main objective is to call your API from the Angular App. Everything else is just moving data around and styling.
  • There are two ways to approach the construction of this app: Finishing the API first and then building the UI, or building each method end-to-end (ex: GetAllRecords method in the back-end plus list of records in the front-end). Choose one and stick to it.
  • Don't use Angular Material (a library for styling) in this project. Angular alone can be challenging enough and adding a rich library early on might overwhelm you. Also, you'll appreciate Angular Material more if you built applications without it first.
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