Now that you have a portfolio of projects, you need a resume. A portfolio sometimes won’t be looked at, but the resume definitely will. This is the piece where you’ll summarise the relevant information about you, and i5 will ultimately dictate if your application will move forward or not.


  • Use a template
  • You should have links to your github and your portfolio
  • If you think a picture will favour you, use it, but please smile
  • Your resume should have a maximum of two pages. But only have two pages if you have that much relevant experience
  • Your resume should contain a cover letter and be different for each organisation


Here are a few resources that might be helpful.

These should suffice, but you can always do your own research, there’s plenty of material online on how to build a nice entry level software engineering resume. 😁 Below is the resume that I landed me my first tech job. Bear in mind the project links might be broken since hosting full stack apps on Azure isn’t free and I might have removed them.


  • Don't send resumes machine-gun style. Tailor each application to each job. Write a different cover letter to each application. Do that after looking at their website and if possible, address your future manager by name. Write about something specific you saw in the website, which means you actually took your time to prepare this application. Careless applications have less chance of succeeding.
  • Your resume has to look professional. Get a template, even if you need to buy one (it's cheap). There are infinite resume template services online. Remember, you're selling your brand, your resume has to look nice.
  • Include mostly relevant experience. I included my experience as a Salsa teacher not because I thought my moves would help the company, but because I wanted to let them know I had experience leading and communicating with large groups of people.
  • Track your applications. You can build an MVC app for this (in fact, we will have a project for that soon), but it can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet with a few columns: Date, Name Of the Company, Outcome. And whatever else you think is relevant.

Example Screenshots

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