Sports Results Notifier


You’re getting close to the end of our beginner C# program. But before your graduation from this first phase you need to learn two very important tasks in programming: The ability to harvest data from non-api sources and the ability to send e-mails. Let’s create an application that will combine these two tasks.


  • This is an application where you should read sports data from a website once a day and send it to a specific e-mail address.
  • You don't need any interaction with the program. It will be a service that runs automatically.
  • The data should be collected from the Basketball Reference Website in the resources area.
  • You should use the Agility Pack library for scrapping.


Here are a few resources that might be helpful.

There are many other Youtube videos and blog articles about scrapping and sending an e-mail with C#. Google is your best friend! 🙂


  • Don't forget to create a Github repository for your project from the beginning.
  • After the completion of this project, try to create your own scrapper from a different source and with a different business case.
  • Bear in mind that some websites don't authorise scrapping.
  • It's not simple to scrap data from websites generated dynamically with the help of Javascript frameworks. When you create your own project, be aware that it's easier to scrape from more traditional, simple, server-based ones.
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