For your second project you'll build a Console Calculator App with the help of Microsoft’s Documentation. This project shouldn't be more difficult than the first, but you'll learn important skills such as having multiple projects in a solution, writing to files, and debugging. It will also serve as practice in a very important skill: following written documentation. This is something you’ll be doing on a regular basis as a professional developer, so it’s essential that you’re comfortable applying text-based instructions when developing software.


This project has only one requirement:


The instructions for this project are based on Visual Studio for Windows. The code you will write will be the same regardless of the code editor, but the process of creating a new project will differ. Here are links about how to create a console app with different editors:


  • Don't rush through the steps, even if this tutorial is easy for you. Make sure you understand EACH WORD of the code. Leave no stone unturned.
  • If there's anything you don't understand, hover over the code, and you'll get an explanation of what the term means. If you still can't understand it, google and chat gpt are your best friends. And you can find thorough explanations about pretty much everything in forums like
  • Don't skip the debugging section in Part II. This is one of the most important skills you'll learn in this tutorial and it will be vital for future projects.


  • Create a functionality that will count the amount of times the calculator was used.
  • Store a list with the latest calculations. And give the users the ability to delete that list.
  • Allow the users to use the results in the list above to perform new calculations.
  • Add extra calculations: Square Root, Taking the Power, 10x, Trigonometry functions.

Code Review

If you want your code to be reviewed by a member of the C# Academy, instead of creating your own repository, follow this article, where you’ll learn how to create a fork from our base review repository.

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